Velvet blazer x Sacha boots

Velvet blazer, Sacha suede buckle ankle bootsHey peeps, how are you all doing? Let’s catch up, shall we? First things first: I turned 26 a week ago. Woo!

Velvet blazer, Sacha suede buckle ankle bootsIt’s been a good few weeks! I’ve been adjusting to my new work schedule, spending three days at the Marie Claire office a week. Money-wise it’s a small setback from working full time, but I’ll gladly sacrifice some shopping if what I get in return is a job I love, recognition for what I do and more free time.

Work is never off my mind though and I’ve never been so attached to my phone as I am now. Tragedy struck when we went on a holiday to Corfu late September and found out we didn’t have wifi. It took me a full 24 hours to stop saying “you’re sure there’s no internet right?” at random times. After that, I came to enjoy being disconnected for at least 21 hours a day. Those spare 3 hours, we were usually mooching wifi from the places where we’d had lunch or dinner before haha. I swam in the ocean, read books, petted a lot of cats and dogs.

Sacha suede enkellaarsjes met riempjesBack at home, these babies were waiting for me: black suede, buckled ankle boots that made me FEEL fall. They’re from Sacha (shop enkellaarsjes) and I’m sure we’re going to be best friends. My biggest fashion resolution this season is to wear more dresses and skirts, and I’m really liking the way these boots look with smock dresses – my favourite. In the meantime, here’s 26-year old me in an old blazer-and-jeans outfit, you know, like I always wear. I’ll try and be more adventurous next time.

Also in the works: More beauty reviews! It’s been ages and I’m itching to get back into the swing of things.
Adios, friends!

  1. Uw haar ziet er de laatste tijd echt steeds fantastisch uit. Een haarroutine-post of iets dergelijks zou zeer welkom zijn!

  2. Did I miss where the blazer is from? looks perfect! here in Israel next time I could wear something like this is in mid November 😉

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