Moscow Mule by Juliette has a gun: Review

Juliette has a gun Moscow Mule review

This review on Juliette has a gun’s Moscow Mule was originally posted in Dutch on July 7 2018.

About Juliette has a gun

For those who like to wander around the niche section of the better perfumery has probably already heard of Juliette has a gun. Cult favourite Not a Perfume has conquered the hearts of lovers of minimalistic, single compound fragrances. A category in which Escentric Molecule’s Molecule 01 is probably the most well known. What Molecule 01 does with Iso E Super, a lightly sweet, woody note, Not a Perfume does with Cetalox: a clean, musky scent.

I brought a deluxe sample of Not a Perfume to a holiday to Cyprus. That’s why every time I smell it now, I am reminded of a specific day at Kourion Beach when the sea was quite rough. When swimming, every time I got hit with a high wave, I caught a gentle whiff of the perfume’s fresh, citrusy scent. For some reason, the perfume really clings to my hair and I’ve found the best place to spray it is in the nape of my neck. But never on the clothes, because that is where it quickly turns into a scent that can only be described as a secondhand grandpa cardigan in a damp basement. Yeah, what’s that all about?

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Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is inspired by the euphoria of getting absolutely plastered. To my nose, it has the same DNA as Not a Perfume, but with added interest and dimension. To give you an idea, the cocktail it is named after is served in a copper mug and contains vodka, ginger beer, sugar syrup, lime and mint. This is the olfactory interpretation by Romano Ricci (great-grandson of Nina Ricci): 

Top notes

Ginger essence
Lime essence
Bergamot essence

Heart notes

Sandalwood essence
Iso E super

Base notes


Parfum review: Moscow Mule van Juliette Has a Gun

The cocktail goes down smoothly, and so does the fragrance. Moscow Mule is never overpowering and is as easy to wear during the winter time as a hot summer afternoon. However due to the strong presence of citrus, it truly shines in tropical weather. 

Parfum review: Moscow Mule van Juliette Has a Gun
© Juliette has a gun

Juliette has a gun proves that synthetic raw materials don’t have to be subordinate to their natural counterparts. About half of Moscow Mule’s olfactory pyramid is made out of synthetics, which probably only adds to the contemporary feel of the fragrance. 


Juliette has a gun is available through most niche retailers. In Belgium, the brand is sold at Parfuma, Fin Du Jour, Parfumeries Guttman.and online at LXS Luxury Cosmetics. In the Netherlands you can find JHAG at De Bijenkorf. Moscow Mule is available in 50 ml or 100 ml, respectively priced at a recommended retail price of € 85 or € 110.


The product mentioned is a PR sample. I try to describe and review gifted products as objectively as I can. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review.  Juliette has a gun Moscow Mule review

    1. Oh have you tried other ones, too?

      I made the mistake of spraying Not a Perfume on a stuffed animal to give to my boyfriend for a short stay at the hospital. It flippin’ stinks now haha.

      But I don’t feel the same way about Moscow Mule, I figured it might be the Cetalox in NAP that turns so… Musty. Only on textile though, not so much on skin!

  1. Yes I’ve tried 4-5 samples from this brand. But Chanel perfumes are the same on me. Even worse actually, Chanel smells terrible on me. It’s down to individual skin chemistry. I’m on fragrantica forum and it’s been really interesting for me to find out about how different perfumes smell on different people

    1. That’s so interesting! I can’t think of a fragrance that doesn’t work well on my skin, but then again I exclude an entire group from my testing: gourmands. I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that I would like to wear.

  2. Oooh, gourmands are tricky. Probably the trickiest type there is. For example, coffee scents smell medicinal and bitter on me while vanilla, lemon and sugar scents work well

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