The Best Coquettish Perfumes

Even though I’d say my taste in fragrances is quite mature, often wearing heavy oriental scents, sometimes I like to release my inner broderie anglaise-wearing child with a truly girly perfume.

To my nose, a good girly scent evokes a feeling of innocence, a light sweetness preferably highlighted by a touch of florals. Lightness is key: the density of popular gourmands like Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium and Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle are what throws me off of them. Rather than smelling like a full on candy or pastry shop, I prefer to smell just a hint of it.

These 6 fragrances are some of the best girly perfumes, in my book.

Best girly perfume: Rochas Mademoiselle Rochas, € 65 for 50 ml

Mademoiselle Rochas by Rochas

Mademoiselle Rochas is a bubbly and bright fruity floral. Candy apple and blackcurrant bring sparks to a refined yet youthful rose. The musky base features sandalwood and a very gentle touch of vanilla. A great pick-me-up for a grey day!

Eau de parfum, RRP € 65 for 50 ml

Amouage Love Tuberose, € 345

Love Tuberose by Amouage

I’m not engaged, but if I were to pick a fragrance from my collection to wear at my hypothetical wedding, Love Tuberose would be the one. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever smelled! The whipped cream and vanilla notes make this the only true gourmand I own.

Despite the dense sweetness, this tuberose fragrance manages to feel quite light, still. Possibly due to the light cedar and sandalwood base.

Eau de parfum, € 345 for 100 ml, De Bijenkorf Affiliate link

Coach Coach The Fragrance, € 70 for 50 ml

Coach the Fragrance by Coach

Coach the Fragrance has a similar recipe to Mademoiselle Rochas: built around a strong rose note, embellished with sparkling fruit and a velvety, musky base. The combination of raspberry and suede makes for a surprisingly uplifting outcome.

Eau de parfum, € 70 for 50 ml at Douglas Affiliate link

Rochas Girl eau de toilette

Girl by Rochas

What’s in a name. Girl by Rochas (a brand that is nailing coquettish fragrances, if you ask me) is, to my nose, the 2020’s version of Cacharel’s 1994 classic Eden.

Both are heavy on the white florals. Girl’s neroli, orange blossom and jasmine feel light and airy, whereas Eden boasts water lily, tuberose and lotus — which feel more cloying to my contemporary sensibilities.

So, in notes, they may not have all that much in common. But the feeling is the same: one of carefree, hot Spring afternoons, the flowers blossoming and your skirt billowing in the wind.

Eau de toilette, € 62 for 60 ml

Parfums de Marly Delina, € 210

Delina by Parfums de Marly

Delina reminds me of Mademoiselle Rochas because of its bright, almost sharp, fruity opening. After the blast of litchee and rhubarb settles, the limelight shifts to a regal rose. Cashmeran and cedar in the base give the scent a soft but not warm grounding.

Eau de parfum, € 210 for 75 ml, Parfuma

Issey Miyake Pleats Please, € 65

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

Ah, the scent of my early twenties. Due to the amplified sweet pea note and juicy nashi, Pleats Please reads a little like an upscale Victoria’s Secret body mist. The difference is all in the blend: instead of just existing next to one another, the notes delicately play off of each other in a beautifully balanced composition. The base features soft musk and a hint of woody patchouli.

Eau de toilette, € 65,61 for 50 ml at Douglas Affiliate link

What’s your definition of a girly perfume? Do you have any favourites in the category?


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