Pancake Sunday

Jacquard boyfriend coat

Dudes! More outdoorsy pictures! I feel like such a profesh blogger, wow. These pictures were taken on a delightful yet chilly (and windy) Sunday afternoon. We started the day with blueberry pancakes with maple syrup which were nothing less than utterly divine (I swear I have the best boyfriend ever) followed by a stroll through the streets of Antwerp. Much laze, so wow.

Jacquard boyfriend coatMango jacquard boyfriend coat, & Other Stories “Triple Zip” bag, Mango booties (old)

I live very close to the antiques district in Antwerp, it’s basically a street filled to the brim with antique shops. I love rummaging through old crap, it’s just such a great way to spend a lazy Sunday. I rarely ever buy anything, especially because I’m in the process of decluttering and trying to live with less of everything. Except for food. Because I fucking love food. Living on my own and having to pay rent has definitely put a break on frivolous spending, alas! Have I mentioned I’m selling things, guys? Plz?

Jacquard boyrfriend coat

I know it’s Shopping 1-0-1 but I’m really trying to focus on outfit building instead of just buying whatever I like. I have this annoying habit of buying tops only, no under layers like a good fitted tank top to wear under sheer things, no matching cardigans or like a good denim shirt, nope. Just frilly tops that end up collecting dust in my closet.

So, back to basics I go, literally. Which explains why the two outfits you’ve seen are pretty much the same thing: Denim, ankle boots, a tee and a jacket – my favourite everyday uniform, and even though I would like to look more fancy once in a while, I always end up walking out the door in something similar. I guess if you can’t fight it…

Expect a thought-out wishlist on here soon! How do you guys go about creating and maintaining a consistent wardrobe? I’m currently reading about the whole French Wardrobe thing, which is pretty interesting!

Enjoy your weekend, peeps!

    1. Oh! That’s really nice! Thanks for stopping by! I like your writing, and I’m definitely stopping by your blog again when I’m not at work 😀

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