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Hey everyone! Currently we’re lucky enough to be experiencing a lovely sunny weekend! So yesterday I took the opportunity to shoot some outfit pictures, albeit right before sunset, haha. We’d been out all day, had a lovely falafel for lunch and some fro-yo for dessert and visited the brand new & Other Stories that opened Friday. Everyone and their cat seemed to be invited to the pre-opening party on Wednesday but alas, no invitation for Vicky. Tears were shed.

(That’s a lie, I promise)

White jeans and an ethnic print, beaded bag by Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Esprit silk blend t-shirt, Promod woven pouch bag, Mango white skinny jeans, Geox strappy sandals

My fringe has finally reached the hurray-I-don’t-have-to-give-a-shit stage: It’s long enough to blend in with the rest of my hair without me having to straighten it, or looking like I’ve been hanging out of a car window while driving, preferably with my tongue flapping out of my mouth. I am very pleased!

White jeans and an ethnic printed, beaded bag by Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

As you can probably tell, I put my wishlist to good use and got a few of the items listed. I’m very happy with the t-shirt, it’s a 90% viscose, 10% silk blend and the silk really does make the difference. I had my eye on a similar style by AllSaints ages ago but lol no not paying that much money, ever, especially considering how many holes are in some of the basics that I’ve only ever worn a few times around the store, ages ago back when I worked there. Consider that some advice from me to you!

In other news, a strange brain fart (or trying on bikinis at H&M) has convinced me that I want to try and get super fit by the time I go on holiday this Summer. Where we’ll be going? No clue yet. All I know is that it should be around the 10th to 17th of August so that my boyfriend can play all the Summer festivals with his band Set Things Right (that’s completely relevant to my blog and thus is not shameless plugging).
I’ve been in awesome shape before (back when I lived at home and went to the gym 3 times a week) and it felt so good. Weight wise there wasn’t a lot of difference but being able to run up the stairs or bounce up and down throughout an entire Every Time I Die show and not even breaking the slightest sweat is a great feeling. I might give up on it all again next week (fickle, me? nahh), but in the meantime I’ll be having a ton of spinach-banana-peanutbutter smoothies and I WILL LOVE IT (just not as much as I love fries and pizza and ice cream).

Also I really need to clean the house now, so I’ll leave you to your – hopefully equally sunny and relaxing – weekends! Adios!

  1. Ik was ook niet uitgenodigd voor de opening van &other stories, vond het ook wel jammer. Maar heb er (ook) geen tranen met tuiten voor gehuild hoor. 😉 Geniet van het mooie weer!

  2. Mooie tas! En leuk zo, je witte broek. Ik heb er ook één, maar ik ‘durf’ m nog niet aan, haha. Ik kan geen goeie combi’s vinden, maar zo simpel is eigenlijk juist heel leuk! Misschien toch maar eens gewoon doen dan…

    1. Ik draag ‘m eigenlijk overal bij! 😀 Is eens wat anders dan mijn zwarte of donkerblauwe skinnies 😛

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