Summer Holidays & Thomas Cook Blogger Event

Guys! Summer’s around the corner and I hope you’ve been getting to enjoy some funz in the sunz! If you live in a rainy country like Belgium though, your fix of vitamin D can be hard to get by.

Ever since I was old enough to jet off without parental supervision, I’ve been dreaming of a romantic getaway with my then non-existent lover. But lo and behold, I’ve waved my single status goodbye and James and I have been looking for the ideal place to have some alone time. Because we need some. The past few weeks have been hectic, with him rehearsing for the band’s album’s release show – which luckily went great! I’ve mostly been chillin’ on the couch actually, and today marks the end of my mini 4-day vacay / extended weekend off work. Sad!

In the meantime, Thomas Cook emailed me an invitation to their very first Blogger Event at the Marriot in Ghent. With a cocktail (or 5) and some snacks in hand, we learnt everything there is to know about 3 prime last minute destinations: Mallorca, Mexico and Thailand!

Cocktails at Thomas Cook's Blogger EventDisco me to Oblivion, baby!

This was the part where I was like “where da cocktailz?”

Thomas Cook Blogger Event

…And while everyone is paying attention (left: Annebeth and right: Marie) I’m just wondering if I could nab that stray cocktail on the table without anyone noticing.
Picture credits to Tine!

Spain has a special place in my heart because of the family holidays we’d used to spend near Barcelona, and seeing Mallorca pop up as a trendy destination surprised me – I thought it was a massive tourist trap, but frankly – the presentation made it seem like a more relaxed version of Saint-Tropez – me gusta!

Last minutes can be a bit tricky to organise but the lower price and often the element of spontaneity totally make up for haphazardly putting together a to pack list. Last September I went to Crete with my family and even though I knew about a month before we took off what we’d be in for, I still managed to forget something vital when you go for a sunny vacay: Beachwear. I’m not talking about some bikinis but a good beach or poolside bag and some cover ups!

Since last minutes aren’t a certainty and I’m still not sure whether or not James and I will be going anywhere this year (that’s a musician’s life, festival season = drop-everything-and-play-the-show season), I decided to keep things on the cheap contrary to most of my latest purchases which focus more on quality (Summer fabrics are more forgiving to a slightly wonky cut or fit if you ask me) and/or versatility.

For beach cover ups, make sure you keep a lookout for washable fabrics. Sweat, sun screen, sea salt and/or chlorine can do nasty things to your clothes – so this is where polyester comes in! Woven polyesters are quite durable and thanks to their roomy fit and kimono sleeves, they can be a great beach cover up. If anything you can give new life to an old see-through blouse you have lying around.

Beach Essentials: Kimono's via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Band of Gypsies, New Look and Alice & You, all via Asos

As for the bottom, I like to opt for a wide, flowy maxi skirt or some shorts. Nothing tight or worth making a fuss over. On my chaise-longue or barstool, I want to be able to not sit like a “lady” cause bish plz I’m on a holiday. Expert tip: Skip zipped bottoms, elastic waists are where it’s at! Ultimate mobility, maximum space for ice creams and very big dessert buffets.

Beach Essentials: Shorts via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Embroidered, crocheted, printed or tie-dyed shorts, all via Forever 21

Basically anything “festival fashion”, a concept that I loathe because I say no thnx k to the further commercialisation of music, could be considered beach fashion in my book. Particularly low on funds after spending everything on your holiday? Fear not, ebay is here to help you out on all your polyester needs! Woo!

So if you’ll excuse me I will continue shopping for nice things I’m not really sure I need. Have a great week peeps!

  1. al uw tips zijn dikke win. Elasticized waist all day errrday. BTW van waar hebde die event foto’s, heb ik dat gans gemist? 😀

    1. Ja ik laat mij geen twee keer vangen, vorig verlof vanaf dag 3 de helft van mijn kleren al kunnen inpakken omdat de ritsen nie meer dicht gingen!!!
      De foto’s zouden normaal gezien gemaild moeten zijn? Ik zal ze anders naar u forwarden!

  2. Haha “Where da cocktailz” 😀
    Zeeeeker elastic waists, of boyfriend shorts. Geen strakke toestanden aan mij lijf op vakantie, sowieso heb ik een enórme hekel aan tegen elkaar plakkende benen (als je zit), dus strakke rokjes zijn al helemaal uit den boze. Op vakantie hecht ik sowieso altijd wat minder waarde aan kleding, als het heet is ben ik altijd meer van “Kan me niet schelen hoe ik eruit zie, als het maar lekker zit aaaah PUFPUFPUF *rood hoofd dat toch al niet meer te redden is*”

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