Pimp shoes and metallics

Hey everyone! As I type this I am bummed out about having to go to work while everyone else seems to be enjoying an extra long bridge weekend. Boo! I have however been taking full advantage (read: midday naps) of my Fridays off. I intended to use those days for productive things like laundry, cleaning, drawing and going to the gym, but NAHHH.

Mango leather jacket, WE metallic jumper, Mango suede tassle bag via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Mango leather jacket, WE metallic jumper, ASOS Agony snake boots

Mango leather biker jacket, Asos ‘Agony’ snake print boot, WE metallic jumper, Mango suede tassle bag, Topshop Leigh skinny jeans via Zalando

WE metallic jumper, medium length curls

However I have taken it upon myself to go back to the gym – as I’ve probably stated a million times before, lel – especially considering I had to carefully select and crop these images for the mere sake of continuity (and vanity, obv) because I looked pretty much preggers in a lot of the pictures. Seeing the images on the camera display prompted me to go back home and change (haha) and come up with a new anti-blog concept which would involve the tagline “just another chubby chick trying to fit into her skinny jeans” and outfit photo descriptions along the lines of “today I decided to get out of my jim-jams, put down the potato chips, get dressed and find a wall to take pictures of – needless to say we went back to that filthy beige walls with the fuckin stripes”.

You know I’m all about body positivity and acceptance but I guess it’s one of those things easier said than done. Also I’m still super pissed about my botched haircut (note to self: don’t ever try and go for bangs again. ever) so that’s not really helping my self esteem. I was so pissed I even took the time to sign up to Yelp and write a nasty review about the salon.

Can we talk about things that are cool though? Like Zalando stocking Topshop. That’s pretty neat right? I was recommended the Leigh skinny jeans left and right and decided to go for it considering my Tiger of Sweden jeans ripped on me after only 3 months of light wear. Boo Tiger of Sweden! That’s some seriously bad quality. Luckily, Zalando kindly offered to either pay for getting it fixed, or refund the full price. I went for the latter. Because fuck you Tiger of Sweden. Fuck you.

Also on the list of cool things: Pimp shoes! I had been eyeing these snakeskin printed, studded and bedazzled shoe boots for a while and then they were 25% off so of course they landed in my shopping basket. It had been a while since I treated myself to a good statement shoe (or any shoe at all) and I’d reverted to living in my trusty old & Other Stories boots. They’re nice, but they’re not very exciting. Snakeskin printed, studded and bedazzled pimp shoes however, are.

Enjoy your Armistice Day folks!

  1. Hey daar Vicky!

    Ik had gisteren de eer en het genoegen om jouw gigantisch sympathieke PR-manager (lees: je lief James :-p) te ontmoeten tijdens een event van Your/Komono. Naast topics zoals de Belgische politiek (don’t ask), metal, Heineken (don’t ask), enzoverder, enzovoorts, kwam ook jouw blog ter sprake. De conclusie van de avond was eigenlijk dat iedereen vooral zijn dromen en passies moet volgen. Daarom wou ik hier – na het bekijken van je blog – even expliciet zeggen: keep up the good work! Fijne stek heb je hier! En om toch ook even on-topic te gaan: leuke outfit!

    Altijd tof om nieuwe Belgische bloggers te ontdekken. 🙂 Wil je James ook nog eens de groeten doen alsjeblieft, en bedanken voor de gezellige babbel? Thanks!


    1. Ahh thanks da’s lief! James had me al verteld over jullie gesprek (hij was blij want hij had blijkbaar heel de avond alleen beneden gestaan, ocharm)- en hij doet de groeten terug!

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