I know what you’re thinking – What the fuck is up with these beige walls right? Even I’m getting bored of this recurring back drop so I’ll try harder at least for the next post – Promise! This is my favourite photo taking spot because there aren’t many people there – It’s the museum of modern arts in Antwerp and unfortunately no one ever seems to go there. Frankly, I’ve lived close by (as in, literally 300 metres) for a year and a half now and I’ve only been *inside* twice. Boo on me, too.

H&M Trend khaki oversized biker coat, Topshop black denim, & Other Stories ankle boots, Mango suede tassle bagI wore this for a quick trip to the Chinese supermarket, to get some funky drinks (lychee lemonade anyone?) and snacks and stock up on edamames. The latter are a good replacement for the chips I usually get when I’m craving something salty – just chuck some frozen pods in boiling water, let it cook for 5 minutes, drain, then dab dry and add salt to taste.
I’m never getting these at a restaurant anymore because doing it yourself is just too easy!

I’m nowhere near “dieting” just yet (drinking two too many pina coladas in the weekends) but I really have to stop procrastinating this shit – as I’ve mentioned OVER AND OVER again I’m just not comfortable in my skin right now and besides the esthetic aspect, I have been having stomach issues on and off in the past months – not cool. Luckily I’m not in this alone. My kitty Lala has just had her annual check up at the vet and what James and I had feared came true: She’s one obese kitty. I’m sorry, Lala. 🙁

H&M Trend khaki oversized biker coat, Topshop black denim, & Other Stories ankle boots, Mango suede tassle bagH&M Trend khaki biker coat, Forever 21 marled sweater, Topshop Leigh skinny jeans via Zalando, & Other Stories boots, Mango suede tassle bag

H&M Trend khaki oversized biker coat, Topshop black denim, & Other Stories ankle boots, Mango suede tassle bag

I’m a big fan of Forever 21 – so big that I would go as far as saying I prefer F21 over Primark, which is sort of in the same price range, any day. So when I was browsing the new arrivals like I do pretty much every day, I noticed my sweater popping up which surprised me because I’ve had mine for over 2 years and I realised it’s holding up quite well for the amount of times I’ve worn it (a lot). I got it two sizes up for a nice, slouchy, off-shoulder fit which you obv can’t see here because I’m wearing a coat. Boo on me, again. I’m not saying F21 is a haven for quality items , oh hell no, but in between some of the neat on trend disposables (sorry not sorry) you might be lucky to find a keeper!

On a related note however, I have been very disappointed with the current collections at highstreet shops. I make no secret of the fact I hate winter and cold weather dressing (I even dedicated a Pinterest board to it yet even that I can’t seem to fill) but what is with all these unflattering crew neck sweaters? My neck/shoulders/clavicles are the only parts that are not affected by my recent weight gain so I’m dying for some boat neck options here. Also, I’m calling out the plethora of boxy shapes in stores at the moment. I guess you could consider myself quite the fan of the style but just like sheer blouses, the boxy shape is yet another excuse to press costs on creating a (probably already quite shoddy) garment. I’m over it.

Also my chest has expanded so now I look like I’m wearing a tent when something is not remotely fitted under the armpits. Bummerz.

ANYWAY. I’m now going to leave you all (all 6 or so readers, indeed!) to your Sunday brunches and naps (what do you mean I’m the only 24-year old that lives off Sunday naps?). Cheers!

  1. Leuke outfit! Haha, mijn katten zijn ook aan de zware kant.. Komt denk ik ook doordat het binnenpoesjes zijn. Lala toch ook, hé? Edamame is zo lekkeeuuur… Ik wist helemaal niet dat dat zo gemakkelijk klaar te maken was, dus dankjewel voor de uitleg! Dringend nog eens passeren bij de leeuwenbeelden dus 🙂

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