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Hey guys! Putting forth something new today, as one of my New Year’s resolutions was to wear more makeup, I thought I would introduce the subject on my blog too.

Recently I’ve been confronted with the very first signs of aging: The skin under my eyes is starting to get thinner and thus more translucent, resulting in a blue/purple sheen. Cool. No bright lipstick without proper foundation for me anymore.

When on a trip to Germany with my mother I bought a really good concealer from p2, a brand you can pick up at DM. Albeit a little yellow, the coverage was good and application smooth. Longevity, not great, but I don’t think I paid more than €3 or €4 so I really don’t see a reason to complain and I finished the tube.

I ended up at H&M for a good replacement and got the Cover-up Concealer In Alabaster for €7,99.

H&M beauty review - Concealer in Alabaster, Powder blush in Cameo Pink via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

H&M Beauty review and swatches of Concealer in Alabaster, Powder Blush in Cameo Pink and Halo Illuminiser in Champagne Gold via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

H&M Cover-up Concealer in Alabaster, €7,99 ★★★★★

The substance of this concealer is a little bit like a thick, whipped cream. Just like most thicker concealers, this will highlight your wrinkles/creases/dry patches if you apply too much. That means you can’t really build up the product after a long night of blogging partying because it’ll end up looking oddly textured and cakey. So light to medium coverage is the best you’ll get out of this tube. And unfortunately, the longevity is only so-so as well. Which is a bummer, because the colour is amazing for my pale pinkish skin.
Because I do really want to love this product, and I don’t like to waste things, I apply some concealer with the sponge applicator (darn, I should have taken a picture of that, right?) where needed (under the eyes, where my eyes meet my nose, next to my nostrils), apply smudges of BB cream and blend it all together, which works fine. Throughout the day I’ll see my dark circles pop up again slowly, but I can live with it for now. Perhaps some translucent powder is enough to make it last.

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush in Cameo Pink, €7,99 ★★★★★

Simultaneously I was looking for a new blush. I’d been using Bourjois Aqua Blush in Pink Twice, which is nice but very defining to your overall look. I didn’t know quite what I was looking for, nor what would match my complexion, but since I was holding a concealer pretty much exactly like my skintone, I figured matching the blush to the colour of my concealer would be a good idea, and it was! So if you’re a noob like me, try bringing a swatch of your favourite foundation or concealer (or even lipstick, if you’re looking for a blush to go with a certain lip colour) to make things a little easier.
I like my blush subtle, and Cameo Pink is a perfect match to my skin. It looks natural, it lasts, it applies and blends easily, it’s buildable, and works with just about any lip colour. A total winner in my book!

H&M Beauty Swatches and Reviews of Halo Illuminiser highlighter in Champagne Glow, Gossamer Lip Stain in Leading Lady and Medium Shading Brush

H&M Halo Illuminiser in Champagne Gold, €9,99 ★★★★

This was my first successful attempt to highlighting (I once bought a powder highlighter but it did literally nothing and the shimmers were like flakes) and I can’t explain how much I love this product mixed with my BB cream. It makes my skin look radiant, fresh and gives such a nice, sun-kissed glow, all day.
On its own I love to use this en lieu of eyeshadow, or patted on the cheekbones. The only downside? Because of the thickness of the formula, it’s a little difficult to blend and in cold light the product is quite noticeable. Mix it with your favourite foundation/bb cream/maybe even a moisturiser and you’re good to go!

H&M Gossamer Lip Stain in Leading Lady, €7,99 ★★★★★

One star for the beautiful colour. One for the many ways you can wear this, from a very light stain to an opaque lip tint. And one for the very, very comfortable formula. Unfortunately, the longevity disappoints me a bit, and the fact you hardly feel the product on your lips can be very deceiving. I ate a sandwich not realising I was wearing this lip stain but then I saw myself in the mirror and my god I needed to reapply. I guess eating carefully with a knife and fork would help, but that sandwich was good, guys.
Also, I am not a big fan of the spongey applicator. It’s okay when you only need to touch up but because this stains so well I would recommend using a brush to better control the amount you put on. I honestly don’t understand why lip brushes are so big and fluffy so I use an eyeliner brush because fuk u.

H&M Medium Shading Brush, €5,99

I’m a little hesitant to rate this because frankly I don’t know what’s what with brushes. My eyeshadow skills are very limited (hooded eyes and unwilling to practice), and much more than a subtle smokey eye is too challenging for me. This brush is soft, picks up enough product, and blends well, so I’m pleased. I’d give this 5 stars if I knew what I was talking about.

H&M Beauty, Lipstick Swatches and Reviews of Kambucha and Firebrand

H&M Beauty, Lipstick Swatches and Reviews of Kambucha and Firebrand

H&M Cream Lipstick in Kombucha and Firebrand, €9,99 ★★★★

If you’re looking for a comfortable, simple, no-fuss lipstick, this is the one for you. When applying this, I usually dab off the excess with a tissue a few times for a very light, sheer layer of colour – That way it lasts surprisingly well! I’ve gone through an entire afternoon including snacks, drinks and a lot of talking, and though the colour did fade, it didn’t give me the nasty lip liner effect. When worn opaque, the sheen will wear off after 2 or 3 hours, leaving a matte tint, but like most cream formulas, they’re easy to reapply and won’t dry your lips. Kombucha is one of those it-colours along the lines of Mac’s Soar/Whirl/Brave/Kinda Sexy. Firebrand is a summery orange that unfortunately does make your teeth appear a bit less white.
All in all, I’m very pleased with these lipsticks! An ideal addition to your every day make-up bag, I’d say.

So that’s it folks, my very first beauty review! I hope this was a pleasant read, let me know if I missed out on any key elements (like what it all looks like on a face) or tell me I suck and I should get a new hobby, I don’t mind I have thick skin I can take it.

Until next time! x

  1. Supertof dat ge ook eens over beuty schrijft! De blush ziet er op de swatch alleszins keimooi uit, ben benieuwd hoe hij er op het gezicht uitziet! De lipsticks wil ik ook wel eens testen, Kombucha is zo’n mooie kleur! Jammer trouwens dat die concealer tegenvalt. Als je nog op zoek bent naar een budget variant, probeer dan eens de Catrice High Coverage Concealer, kost echt niks (3,5 euro geloof ik) en does the job very well!

    1. Thanks! Volgende keer probeer ik full face foto’s, als een échte beutyblogger 😛 Ik heb even een review opgezocht van de Catrice maar ik denk dat ik te roze ben haha. Heb ik altijd met Catrice eigenlijk. Wenen!

  2. mijn favoriete under eye concealers zijn color correcting concealers, peachy/oranje tinten zijn ideaal om het blauwige/paarsige onder je ogen te cancelen met zo weinig mogelijk product: hoe minder je gebruikt, hoe minder het in je lachrimpels gaat zitten of gaat schuiven. Een beetje wear is wel normaal met under eye concealer, het is gewoon zoiets dat je moet bijwerken zo nu en dan als je het heel belangrijk vindt. Vaak negeer ik mijn cirkels gewoon, it’s the way my face was designed 😀 zeker geen poeder onder je ogen gebruiken, hello caked on look.

    1. Ik ben oogcontour creme beginnen smeren (gratis stalen van op’t werk van La Roche-Posay, haha binnenkort koop ik een fullsize) en ik merk al verbetering! Goeie tip wel voor de color correcting concealer, ga ik naar op zoek! Het helpt al om de concealer eerst met de vinger wat op de huid de tappen en met de vinger merk je ook direct wanneer er te veel product zit. I’m learning!

  3. Zalige blog! Ik heb je zo’n half uur geleden ontdekt toen ik op zoek was naar reviews voor Bourjois en ben blijven doorbladeren 🙂 als je op zoek bent naar goeie colour correcting concealers: Essence heeft een klein palette uitgebracht dat 1. SUPERGOEDKOOP is en 2. echt degelijk werkt. Ik gebruik voor mijn under eye-gebied eerst de roze corrector en nadien breng ik daarboven mijn gewone concealer aan. Het kan wel wat flaky ogen maar het helpt als je eerst de corrector en de concealer op je pols aanbrengt en de rest van je make up terwijl doet. Na een minuutje of zo is het wat opgewarmd en heb je minder nodig van zowel corrector als concealer en het oogt veel natuurlijker en egaler.

    1. Oooeh thanks voor de tip, ga ik proberen! Ennehh, blijf maar verder bladeren hoor 😉 Haha dankjewel!

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