Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks: Launch, Swatches and Reviews

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks: Backtalk, Conspiracy and Disturbed: Swatches and review

The other night, I went to Urban Decay‘s party in honor of their biggest launch yet: The Vice lipsticks. 100 shades, categorised by finish: Sheer shimmer, sheer, metallized, cream, comfort matte, and matte. I had never in my life seen so many lipsticks in one place before, and add to that girlfriends, cocktails and finger food: It was a night to remember! I received three lipsticks to try out: Conspiracy (metallized), Backtalk and Disturbed (comfort mattes). Let’s take a look!

I have noticed that most bloggers are mostly reviewing the 10 same lipstick colours. Conspiracy, Backtalk, Naked, Menace, Big Bang, Disturbed, Rock Steady, 714, Firebird and Pandemonium: Aka Wende (chief creator of the brand)’s favourites, aka press samples. I don’t know how aware you are of the Freebie Culture in blogging, but it’s something to take into account when looking for an honest review. Fret not, I’m here for you: I promise the only thing influencing my opinion is my menstrual cycle. But let’s talk lipsticks!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk: Swatches and reviewUrban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk (Comfort Matte) ★★★★

So this is a shade that is totally new to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my goodie bag considering I’d never touched a mauve nude with a ten foot pole before. Do I like this, do I not like this? Truth is, the brick red kimono I’m wearing in these shots is a very bad colour clash haha! I’m having a hard time matching this lip colour to my clothing and the rest of my make-up and frankly the first time I wore it was with a dark navy t-shirt and a cold pink blush and I startled every time I saw myself in the mirror because somehow it makes me look very stern?

Either way, onto the formula! I love how this Comfort Matte glides on the lip like a balm. Don’t get intimidated by the lipstick pulling your lips as you swipe for the very first time: Once you’ve used it, the formula melts on your lips. Backtalk is very easy to apply and reapply. If it wasn’t for the average longevity, I would give this 5 stars. I guess that’s the price you pay for the balmy texture and non-drying formula.

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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Conspiracy: Swatches and reviewUrban Decay Vice Lipstick in Conspiracy (Metallised) ★★★★★

Ahh, my favourite of the three! The recipe to Conspiracy? Combine a good 90s brown, a red wine stain and some gold shimmers into a bullet! I think, and hope, metallic lips are going to be the next “thing” in make-up. Conspiracy is comfortable like a creme, lasts about 3 hours (touch up after meals required) and is very easily reapplied. If you’re looking to add a subtle, contemporary touch of late 90s/early 2000s, this will do the trick.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Disturbed: Swatches and review

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Disturbed (Comfort Matte) ★★★★★

Unfortunately, Disturbed didn’t do it for me. It was very difficult to get this on somewhat evenly, but whatever I did, it remained patchy. Granted, my lips were a little chapped (props to Backtalk and Conspiracy for not accentuating that!) but what the eff… The colour transfers like crazy: It’s not kiss proof, not meal proof, not even oops-I-ever-so-slightly-brushed-my-finger-against-my-lips proof. This needs a pencil (the Vice lipsticks are accompanied by 50 lip pencils, Urban Decay recommends Hex) and preferably a setting spray. I want to love it because the colour is gorgeous, but for me, it’s just too much maintenance ☹️ Which is probably why you’ll hardly ever see me rock a dark lipstick, haha. On a positive note: Disturbed does make your teeth look brighter ✨

So that’s that! I also have mini samples of Big Bang (metallised), Firebird and Rock Steady (cream), and Pandemonium and 714 (mega matte) – if you’d like me to try those out as well, I’d be glad to! Just let me know in the comments!

See you next time folks!

  1. Wat doe jij dat gaaf met die foto’s/plaatjes/afbeeldingen! Ik kan er nog wat van leren :O dat event leek me ook al zo gaaf! 100 lipsticks, meer dan genoeg keuze zeg. Ik wil er ooook :'(

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