Fabulously Freezing: Spring Denial, Sacha Shoes

Sacha Damesschoenen Pumps via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!Not gonna lie guys, I misinterpreted the weather. I just really wanted to wear my new shoes (hands up if your first thought is Twin Peaks’ Leo sitting in his chair spitting up his food) because I’ve never owned a pair of pumps even though that’s been a life goal of mine since I turned like, 13. I had my eye opener while walking through a department store with Jessica and Nicky and I literally pointed at every pair of pumps going like “those are nice” “I love these” “omg I want them”. Cue these beauties from Sacha!

Fueled by my inability to wear open shoes (I don’t know what’s up with my ankles but those fuckers just can’t keep a shoe on them), I was always enamoured with the simple silhouette of a good pump – to me, they embody femininity like no other shoe can. I thought of the insoles, tried the foot cushions but to no avail. Obviously there are more drastic solutions like sticking pads to the back of the shoe for a tighter fit around the heel, or going hardcore and stick your foot to your shoe with double sided tape but those are things I personally wouldn’t suggest trying out at a store so I decided to take the plunge and go for these beautiful suede, pointy pumps. In the pictures I’m wearing the gel cushion pads, which I thought would be fine after a test walk but the walk from home to the botanical garden proved me wrong.

So what I aim to do is be your crash test dummy and try out all possible solutions on how to comfortably wear open shoes – It appears to be a common problem and girl, a mary jane style strap should never be the answer.

For now however, I’ll stick to the pictures of my outfit.

Swell Banter Reversible Jacket, Sacha Pumps via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!Swell Banter reversible jacket via Surfstitch, c/o Sacha black suede pumps (bekijk meer dames schoenen), Mango suede tassle bag

Swell Banter Reversible Jacket, Sacha Pumps via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!

Swell Banter Reversible Jacket, Sacha Pumps via Disco me to Oblivion, baby!It was such a great idea to go to the botanical garden after a good piss-down early Spring, when all the plants are either drowned, dead, drab or just not planted yet. Ideal Sunday trip when you’re also really cold, a little hangry and slept an hour less because of daylight saving time.

Good times!!

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  1. Die botanische tuin is ook totaal niet mooi :’D outfitje wel top hoor! en ik heb pumps opgegeven, gaat gewoon niet werken. Strappy heels ftw!

    1. Als alles in bloei staat dan valt het nog wel mee, alleen die rotbordjes zouden ze wat subtieler mogen maken. En het cactussenkot is gewoon armzalig. Volgende keer toch maar aan de streepkesmuur van het Muhka haha

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