#OOTD: Asos kimono, Zign sandals

This is an outfit I have been DYING to wear: The lacy camisole, this beautiful longline Asos kimono and the only non-black skinny jeans that fit me right now.

The camisole was a total steal for €9,90 at H&M, I got it the day before James and I left for our holiday in Bulgaria in September. Unfortunately one of the cleaning ladies at our hotel decided the top and a new bikini (all tags still attached) was worth an actual steal and nabbed it from our room, so as soon as we got back to Belgium I hit up H&M and got it again. Thank my lucky stars for mass production..?

Asos Maxi Kimono in Bold Floral Print via Disco me to Oblivion

Asos maxi kimono in bold floral print, H&M camisole, & Other Stories triple zip bag, Zara grey skinny jeans, Zign sandals via Zalando, Zara jacquard scarf

Totally wearing the same shoes as I did in my last post, I can’t help it cause they’re so comfortable! I remember Zalando used to have them in black too and I could hit myself in the head for not buying those as well before they sold out because my strappy black pair cannot compete with the ultimate comfort these babies provide.

In fact, not even Birkenstocks can compete? I tired on the Arizonas the other day and not only did they make my feet look like claws (?!!) they were REALLY uncomfortable. I still like the style so I’m tempted to go to the Birkenstock store in Antwerp to get some sizing advice. I have very strange feet, okay!!

Asos Maxi Kimono in Bold Floral Print via Disco me to Oblivion

Should have ironed the top, oops.

Asos Maxi Kimono in Bold Floral Print via Disco me to Oblivion

Asos Maxi Kimono in Bold Floral Print via Disco me to Oblivion

I am SO GLAD I finally caved in and bought a new camera, my Picture Succes Rate has gone from about 10% to 50%! Still working on the smizing and the posing but I’d like to think I had an okay face day here.

The rest of my evening will consist of a very lazy rice dish for dinner, binge watching Bates Motel and getting to bed early so I can get through the short workweek smoothly! Yay!

Adios friens!

    1. Aahhw dankjewel! De kimono staat zelfs nog op Asos, zoeken op ASOS Maxi Kimono in Bold Floral Print – de stof is ietsje steviger (alleen de mouwen zijn niet gevoerd) dus doet ook goed dienst als jasje op frisse zomeravonden!

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